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Archive for February, 2012

Teddy Bears from Moscow

Teddy Bears Valentine Day

Let this little Teddy Bear be your Valentine this year.

Teddy Bear from Moscow

In anticipation of this XMAS and New Year Teddy Bear dreamily looks out the window …

Teddy Bear Happy New Year

Hi, this is my first work on drawing Teddy bears.

Cute Christmas Teddy Bear in Santa Hat

Teddy Bear is already prepared for XMAS and New Year. And you?

Cute Teddy Bear in Box

A small box, which hides a great happiness…

Teddy Bear XMAS Ball

New Year’s decorating the tree, the bear and he did not notice how turned into elegant “Christmas tree”.

Teddy Bear Italian Charms

Bear Holding Large Heart Shaped Box Laser Charm

Bear Holding Large Heart Italian Charm

This adorable charm featuring a cuddly teddy bear holding a heart shaped box is a great gift to give your girl if she’s feeling down. It’s good enough that this bear can hold a heart shaped box, but it’s even better than it’s three times his size!

Loving Teddy Bear Italian Charm

Loving Teddy Bear Italian Charm

Teddy Bear always remind you of something soft and warm. And with a nice red heart inside saying I heart you can feel nothing but tender and pleasure inside. The charm features the image imprinted on a glossy face link, covered with bright enamel and outlined with gold toned casing. The link is made from nickel-free stainless steel and is fixed to a medium size that makes it adjustable with all 9 mm Italian charms from our collection. Show you love in a charming and unusual way.

Teddy Bear Laser Italian Charm

Teddy Bear Laser Italian Charm

Women and teddy bears go hand in hand. Here’s a hint for all you guys: if you ever get into a fight with your girl, either give her a fluffy, cuddly teddy bear, or this cuter teddy bear charm which is laser etched into a stainless steel base.

Teddy Bear Riding Sleigh Laser Charm

Teddy Bear Riding Sleigh Italian Laser Charm

Cute and festive teddy bear is all ready to hit the slopes with his cute little sled. Of course he’ll have to make do with the bunny slopes for now, but it’s still an adorable picture and it can be yours on this lovely stainless steel base.

Teddy Bear Drummer Laser Charm

Teddy Bear Drummer Italian Charm

Cute and cuddly teddy bear drummer marches to a different beat. Perfect for the Christmas holidays, add this charm to your bracelet to get into the holiday cheer.

Teddy Bear Chair Laser Charm

Teddy Bear Chair Laser Italian Charm

This adorable cuddly teddy bear looks like he can double as a chair! Cute and furry bear is sketch rendered onto a stainless steel base link with extreme precision.

Gummy Bear Video

2007 Chart Positions include:

In USA Gummy Bear
# 1 Dance Singles Chart — iTunes
# 1 Dance Ringtone Chart — iTunes

In Canada Gummy Bear
Hot 100 Pop Singles Sales Chart
# 1 Dance Singles Chart — iTunes

In Sweden Gummy Bear
# 2 Pop Singles Sales Chart

In Australia Gummy Bear
# 2 Pop Singles Sales Chart

In Norway Gummy Bear
# 5 Pop Singles Sales Chart

In France Gummy Bear
# 8 Pop Singles Sales Chart (52 weeks in the Top 40)

In Japan Gummy Bear
Top 10 Pop Digital Downloads

In Germany Gummy Bear
# 1 Ringtone Download AOL & Vodaphone Charts

In Russia Gummy Bear
# 1 Pop Downloads Chart

In Mexico Gummy Bear
# 1 Pop Downloads Chart